Review of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

So I watched the movie for this book and decided to read the books a little while ago, since then I have fallen in love with Rick Riordan’s books and I am slowly making my way through all of them.


I purchased my copy of this book as a box set from book depository for approximately $50. To me $50 for 5 books is a great deal. To be honest these books are worth every cent as I have devoured their pages several times now.


The box set I purchased was the one to the left/right. I think the cover art was amazing, the letters on each individual book were embossed which added to the effect of the artwork.

For a person that hadn’t read the book the cover with Percy riding his Pegasus could be a bit of a spoiler. Not a massive one, but still something that could be considered.


The novel was mostly fast paced and exciting, it would keep my attention on most pages until I was practically sleeping. For those that haven’t read this is where the spoilers come in, if you intend to read it.

It starts off with Percy discovering that he is a demigod and he is in danger, also that his best friend is a satyr tasked with protecting him until he makes his way to the safety of camp. When he does come into imminent danger his mother rushes him off to camp halfblood where he starts to train and learn how to be Poseidon’s son. But on the way a minotaur kidnaps his mother and takes her down to Hades. So of course like any adventure, coming of age story he runs off half trained in order to rescue her.

I won’t say much more about the actual story.

Although I loved the story, it is a fairly typical teen/fantasy novel, it just has a Greek spin on it, which is what I absolutely love about it.


The characters in this novel are well rounded when necessary and allusive if needed. Percy seems mostly to me a young, reckless child that keeps getting into trouble, but that’s where his room for growth is. Annabeth and Grover are a bit more level headed and they definitely know more about this world then Percy so they aren’t always so reckless. They quickly become the voices of reason for Percy whilst also keeping the story fun and interesting in their own ways.


I believe that the scenes were set well, it left a lot to interpretation whilst also getting the necessary information across to the reader whilst using a mixture of real and made up places for its journey.

It was generally an excellent easy read that is suitable for its intended genre. I loved this book and the entire series that followed. The writing style was fun and sarcastic making fun to read, especially when it came to the chapter names.

I definitely give it 4.5/5.