The Book Launch

So I just made my way through the official launch of The Stray. It actually wasn’t as much of a whirlwind as I thought it would be. Instead, it ended up being a celebration with my family and friends over this big achievement in my life.

The photo to the right of me and my partner Kieren at the launch is courtesy of Phoenix Joey a long time reader and supporter of Ouroborus Books.

The question that a few people have been asking me is what am I up to next?

I am actually up to a few things at the moment;

  1. I’m planning a little writing getaway for 2018 with my best friend and fellow Ouroborus Books author Annalise Azevedo. We are going to spend that weekend or week (we haven’t decided yet) working on our next projects. For me that will be The Lost, book two of The White Wolf Trilogy.
  2. I am working really hard on my university studies so I can graduate in this lifetime and start teaching. So unfortunately for me my writing life often takes a back seat to my university and work commitments. So unfortunately for now there is no confirmed publication date for The Lost as I am unsure when I will be able to work on it for a committed length of time. On the plus side the first draft of The Lost has already been written I just need to go through it and make sure it works for what I want now that The Stray is a physical novel out there in the world.
  3. I am going to publicise The Stray and try and get it into as many shops and homes as possible. So please share my work with as many people as you can. Today I’m off to my local Dymocks store to see if I can get a few copies on the shelves in there.

In all I have a lot of things planned for the fast coming 2018 and I’m happy to be on this journey with everyone.

This weeks blog post is the last one before the Christmas holidays, I would like to spend Christmas and New Years Eves with my family and friends. I will start blog posts again in late January for a bit of a holiday break.