Writer’s Block

So this week I’m talking about writer’s block, and also some tips to get past the block you’re facing. There are two sides to this topic, there are those that believe writer’s block is real then those that believe it isn’t.

Writer’s block is a condition a lot of writer’s have when they are unable to move past a certain point in their story. To published authors writer’s block can be one of the worst parts of writing, especially with looming deadlines.

In the nearly nine years that I’ve been writing I have faced times where I was unable to move forward with my story. At the time I thought it was writer’s block, and maybe it is. But I believe that writer’s block is just a lack of inspiration or that your subconscious isn’t happy with what you’ve written.

Whether writer’s block is real or not I can give you a few tips about how to get past the blockage in your creativity.

1. Lack of inspiration

If you think you’re blocked due to inspiration my best advice to you is to read books and watch movies. Not just any books and movies, but ones that similar to yours.

So if you’re writing a novel based in a made up medieval type world with magical things, find books, movies and tv shows like that type of story. For that particular novel type I would recommend Tamora Pierce (Author), Merlin (TV Show), and Lord of the Rings or Hobbit (Movies). I usually find that I have ideas by the time I finish a series of books, movies or shows.

2. Unhappy Subconscious

If you’re facing the block and don’t know how to get rid of it, I suggest leaving your book for at least a few weeks. Don’t touch it at all. Why? Because it helps you to become a bit more detached from the story and allows you to see things you wouldn’t have before.

When you do go back to it, don’t continue where you left it, start from the beginning and read your book. Take this time to go through and give it a bit of an edit, make sure you like the storyline, most likely you will come across something you want to change.

I recommend this because I sometimes found that I hit a dead end. The storyline I chose at the time didn’t have a way of working with my book. I usually find that this rectifies the issue and I can continue writing.

3. Other Causes

Apart from my other points above, I believe that your life has to do with your ability to write. For example, if I’m sick or stressed I am less likely to be able to write then if I am healthy and happy with my life.

If your life has been really busy lately then that might be a factor, you’re subconscious might be too focused on everything going on that it’s stemming your creative energy. Take a bit of time to wind down, read a book or watch something for an hour before trying to write or even take a bit of time off and wait to write. Your story isn’t going anywhere.